Can Ramonet
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The history of this house goes back 250 years. It is said that it’s the first building that was constructed in the district of Barceloneta. Since 1753 it has always been linked to the world of wines and good food, starting out as a wine cellar and later as a tavern for fisherman. The house was going to be converted into a museum but instead in 1956 Can Ramonet opened it’s doors. Today, Ramonet is a meeting place for nostalgics; it is historic for visitors and a discovery for young Barcelonians. Once you enter the door you can feel the history of the place and the good work accomplished. They aim to continue delighting the visitors with the best they can offer: lobster soups, paellas, shellfish, tapas and all those recipes that they keep from Ramona’s grandmother.

Maquinista 17
93 319 30 64
12noon-12m. non-stop

41.37893676758, 2.1883649826

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