The heartbeat of Ibiza
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Beneath clichés and appearances lies the real island, a survivor of centuries of invasions that will survive us as well. Its landscapes, wild or domesticated, invite us to blend with the earth and the sea.  

The beating of Ibiza’s heart may be heard when the noise on the surface fades away.  It’s enough to head for the islets of Ses Margalides, to descend into the caves of Can Marçà or to watch a sunset with Formentera on the horizon. The island then whispers its ancient language in fields with scattered almond trees, on the walls of white chapels that gleam in the sun, on the chair awaiting an aged woman outside her stone house, or in the fortified church that still guards the river Santa Eulària. These are places where time stands still, where the island breathes deeply and where we grow small and breathe with it.

Javier Sánchez Martínez
Madrid, 1965. This editorial photographer has illustrated large-format books like La Sierra de Guadarrama, Parque Nacional (Lunwerg, 2016), Valencia 360º (Lunwerg, 2014), Gredos. Altas Transparencias (Lunwerg, 2006) or El Bar (Lunwerg, 2017). He collaborates with different publications and publishing houses, including Lunwerg, Anaya, Ediciones La Librería and JdeJ Editores. A great traveller and profoundly enamoured of nature, he has been distinguished with numerous prizes and taken part in exhibitions all over the world, such as ICP in the Burke Museum in Washington or the WPGA Awards Pollux at the Palace de Glace in Buenos Aires. 

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