Spellbinding Ibiza
© Carlos Garrido

Some towns can be defined by one word: spellbinding, a quality stemming from a combination of their history and their unique spirit. A good example is Ibiza.

The capital of the Pityuses or Pine Islands, it is a small city enclosing an entire continent. The walled precinct, from the Renaissance period, remains intact. It forms a geography of bastions, quaint corners, vantage points and terraces overlooking the sea, with Formentera in the background. The Old Town has winding lanes, tiny palaces, gardens and convents. A little world in itself, it is also marked by its Punic heritage, on display in its museums. Outside the wall, the popular Marina area is a harmonious blend of time-honoured tradition and futuristic lifestyles. Crowds of people of all kinds move about here day and night. Ibiza is a spellbinding place that can change the life of anyone who visits it.