Guadarrama, wild territory
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The Guadarrama mountains form part of the range that divides Spain’s Meseta in two and separates the Duero and Tagus river basins.

With its summits crowned by fantastic crags, sprawling meadows and high-mountain shrubland, the Guadarrama Mountains National Park is the realm of the Spanish imperial eagle and of foxes and the majestic Iberian ibex, which once reigned in all the mountains of Spain. It is also a world of water in rushing streams and in lakes or covering Peñalara Peak in the form of snow, plus endless forests of oak, pine and holm oak. Man has left his mark here as well in the form of beautiful bridges, chapels and churches.

Photos: © Javier Sánchez Martínez

Javier Sánchez Martínez (Madrid, 1965)
This book photographer has illustrated large-format publications like La Sierra de Guadarrama, Parque Nacional (Lunwerg, 2016), Valencia 360º (Lunwerg, 2014), Gredos. Altas Transparencias (Lunwerg, 2006) and El Bar (Lunwerg, 2017). He works with various prominent publishers including Lunwerg, Anaya, Ediciones La Librería and JdeJ Editores. An avid traveller and a great lover of nature, he was won numerous prizes and participated in exhibitions worldwide, including ICP at Washington’s Burke Museum and the WPGA Awards Pollux at the Palace de Glace in Buenos Aires. 

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