Human & Urban
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Madrid’s many parks and gardens are oases of peace where birds, music and beautiful dusks make you forget you are in a big city.

Madrid is a city of contrasts that has always been known for its hospitality. Here, the frantic pace of the capital in no way diminishes the relaxed, friendly character of the Madrilenians, people from many different places who deeply love this city which they call home. The bars and cafés have a family atmosphere in which everyone feels at ease, and between the buildings there are unexpected parks and gardens where birds, peace and beautiful dusks banish the urban bustle. Madrid is a mosaic of humanities that steals your heart forever.

Photos: © Manuel González Zavala

Manuel González Zavala (Madrid, 1972)
This photographer calls himself an observer, a dreamer and a collector of moments who likes to immortalize whatever he comes across. His has devoted himself to photography since childhood, when he began to develop his own photos with his parents in the bathroom under a red light. His photographs have been displayed in a number of individual and group exhibitions in such places at the Barajas Cultural Centre, and he has taken part in events like Fotogenio in Mazarrón (Murcia Region).