City festivals & traditions
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Three of Barcelona’s city festivals in particular have a special magic and are celebrated by everyone: Sant Jordi, La Mercè and Santa Eulàlia.

Sant Jordi
23 April is the day of Catalonia’s patron saint, when culture and romanticism set the keynotes in Barcelona. The whole city becomes enveloped in a joyful atmosphere on this Catalan version of St. Valentine’s day. The tradition is for men to give women a rose and for women to give men a book. The red rose, symbolizing love, is this festival’s emblem. 

La Mercè
The feast of La Mercè, Our Lady of Mercy, is the day of Barcelona’s main city festival. A whole week of events marks this celebration, combining art, culture and entertainment in the streets. 

Santa Eulàlia
With a mixture of light and tradition, on 12 February Barcelona’s big winter festival celebrates the feast of Santa Eulàlia, the town’s co-patroness. The event starts off with a musical show featuring light pendulums and lasers, which is followed by the traditional “Dance of the Eagle”.

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Fiestas y tradiciones

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