Adlib Fashion Show
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On 7th, 8th and 9th July, Ibiza becomes the epicentre of the fashion of the entire Mediterranean.

This year Adlib fashion moves to the Botafoc Marina, the scene for a spectacular catwalk of up to 50 metres. On it, the new proposals by Ibizan designers for this season will be paraded here. 

This year is the 48th show based on Adlib fashion, which came into being under the influence of the hippy spirit of the ‘sixties, in defence of traditional Ibizan clothes. Princess Smilja acted as the effective ambassador of a fashion that is every bit as valid today.

Ad libitum, meaning freedom, is a term that embodies the designers who now practise Ad Lib fashion to perfection. “Wear whatever you want, but wear it with style”, is their motto. And on the Ibizan catwalk, the most renowned names stand out, those that draw from the cosmopolitan spirit of this island. Straw hats, esparto grass footwear and above all, the colour white that lends its name to the Ibizan style, accompanied by delicate cotton fabrics and artisanal lace make up the imagery of the island fashion that has managed to reinvent itself.