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You don’t need to know the country’s language to grasp its art... the works we suggest here are based on the universal languages of music and dance. 

In the city of Madrid there are two principal theatrical institutions: the Teatros del Canal, a strikingly modern complex of 3,200 sq.m. devoted to the performing arts, and the National Dramatic Centre of Madrid (CDN), the leading public theatrical creation and production centre in Spain. 

At the Teatros del Canal, in November you can see the dance production ‘Marie Antoinette’, which presents this figure’s passion for the arts, theatre and dance. Even though Marie Antoinette had people to attend to her every wish and whim, she took personal charge of organizing the performances at the court. In March of 2020, circus and dance combine in equal parts in ‘Yoann Bourgeois’. This is a defiance of gravity, strength, balance and harmony on a platform on which six acrobat-performers, as in life itself, seek to remain upright and to achieve stability amidst instability. In June, ‘Falaise’ will be offering a highly poetic show featuring a blend of circus, theatre and music in which the presence of animals is essential.

For its part, as from September the CDN is presenting its programme for the 2019-2020 season. The CDN first opened in 1978 as a place where the general public would have the chance to see mainly Spanish contemporary theatre. Even so, with the continuous programme at its two theatres in Madrid, this institution it has been progressively opening its scope to include more international playwrights, featuring names like Henrik Ibsen, Arthur Miller and Tennessee Williams.

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