Treasures of the land
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Madrid is not only a synonym of luxury and modernity – it also boasts many quality products with a Designation of Origin.

A D.O. (“Denominación de Origen”) is awarded for strict control of raw materials throughout a production process and for the quality of a product which, together with the climatic conditions, are the identifying traits of Madrilenian foods. Indeed, the Region of Madrid has two distinct aspects: a luxurious urban area and a traditional countryside.

Superb local products like the Madrid Region’s extra-virgin olive oil, with its low “acidity” and intense gold colour speckled with green tones, have the area’s D.O. thanks to their aroma and their high nutritional value. Likewise, the table olives of Campo Real stand out for their taste and their very special seasoning, prepared with aromatic herbs including oregano and thyme.

The pastures of the Northern Mountains of Madrid and the climatic conditions of the area make the Region an ideal place for cattle breeding, and this is why the excellent beef produced here bears the “Sierra de Guadarrama” mark of quality. The celebrated anisette of Chinchón, the town in the Madrid region where it is produced and bottled, is made from Matalahúga aniseed. There are four types of anisette based on their alcohol content: special dry, extra dry, dry and sweet.

Around a dozen crafted cheese dairies have been established in the Madrid Region. They produce a broad range of delicious cheeses which can be obtained at the city’s best shops and market halls. D.O.s are not yet available for some nonetheless outstanding products: Villaconejos melons, Aranjuez strawberries and asparagus, Northern Mountain large white beans, and Chinchón garlic.

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