Hierbas Marí Mayans. Ibiza in your glass
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Fans of Ibizan herb liqueur choose the product made by the brand Familia Marí Mayans, who make the name and flavor of Ibiza known the world over.

Ibizan hierbas is the liqueur that best sums up the flavor and aroma of Ibiza and Formentera.  Familia Marí Mayans makes it with using the same recipe as when this company located on the White Island was established, in 1880. The key to its success is definitely quality, experience and the use of the same recipes for 140 years, recipes they also use to artisanally produce popular liqueurs like Frígola, Palo, Absinthe or IBZ Premium Gin. 

The current managers, Bartolomé Marí Mayans and Carlos Marí Mayans, are the fifth generation of a company that retains the essence of its creator, Juan Marí Mayans, who made a dream that was born in Formentera come true. “Our maxim is to look for new formulas whilst maintaining the tradition that came before them and the quality of products that have the category of Geographical Denomination, which enables us to maintain their authenticity in terms of the name and their properties”, explains Carlos Marí Mayans. 

In addition to this there is the importance and dedication the company confers on the image of a range of products that pay tribute to the Pitiusa Islands. As Bartolomé Marí Mayans says, “Our logo, our colours and our essence have barely changed throughout this whole time, and that makes our brand unique and one that is recognised by all islanders”. 

Quality and excellent communication have turned Familia Marí Mayans into an internationally-recognised brand, especially in the world of the night and cocktails. Their liqueurs are distributed in the United States, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Holland, Belgium or the United Kingdom, and they are gaining renown in Latin America, Asia and Australia.

Iconic bottles
For its Hierbas Ibicencas  herb liqueur, Familia Marí Mayans has just launched a bottle in the shape of a peasant women in a tribute to the island and its unequivocal rural origins. This patented container is made in all formats and seems set to become the company’s insignia, recognizable throughout the world. They have also created a unique bottle designed for night clubs, the bright ‘Surfing Black Edition’ with a fluorescent label which beckons one to enjoy the liqueur with friends, either on its own, or on the rocks, in frozen shots or as part of tempting cocktails.  

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