Madina Yabisa
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A modern interpretation centre that uses audiovisual technology to showcase the history of the town and in particular, what Madina Yabisa was. Using audiovisual media, models, archaeological remains and period objects, it explains the period of Muslim rule of the island which goes from the Byzantine period of the 6th century to the Christian re-conquest in the 13th century. Visitors enter the restored building of the former Casa de la Cúria, the work of the architect Toni Marí, and penetrate an environment of light and images that culminate with a large-scale audiovisual model showing the evolution of the town. One can contemplate the interior of a tower in the Arab wall and a section of wall from the main hall of the museum.

Major 2. Dalt Vila
971 392 390
Enero-Marzo: M-V, 10-16.30h. S-D, 10-14h. Abril-Junio y Septiembre: M-V, 10-14/17-20h. S-D, 10-14h. Julio-Agosto: M-V, 10-14/18-21h. S-D, 10-14h.

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