Centro Cultural-Llibreria Blanquerna
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Centre Cultural Blanquerna is the cultural headquarter of the Catalan Government Office in Madrid. Since 1993 it has been Madrid’s reference point in anything related to Catalan culture. Its main purpose is to explain the historic and cultural reality of Catalonia, together with providing cultural links with other territories. For this reason, its facilities hold several services such as a bookstore which offers the wider choice of Catalan literature books in Madrid and a multi-purpose room where different cultural events are held. Among others, these include exhibits, music concerts, performances, books presentations and conferences. Catalan language lessons are also taught in Blanquerna and they are available to students of all levels and ages. Additionally there is a Tourist Office which provides guidance to citizens from Madrid or elsewhere willing to travel to Catalonia. Blanquerna is the name of the young main character of ‘Llibre d’Evast e Blanquerna’, a book written at the end of the 13th century by Ramon Llull, one of the most important writers in Catalan language. Blanquerna is a character which recreates the restless enterprising sensible open-minded spirit of illustrated Medieval men. The Catalan Government decided to name the centre this way as a tribute to Llull’s importance in pushing forward Catalan literature.

Alcalá 44
91 524 18 90
Mon-Fri, 10.30am.-9pm. Sat, 10.30am.-2pm.

40.41854095459, -3.69618296623

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