Córdoba, the splendour of the senses
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We usually associate a knowledge of history with cold facts and dates. But history is not only a subject to be studied or learned. It is also something that can be felt, touched and even smelled. For proof of this, just visit Córdoba, a city whose foremost characteristic is the splendour of the senses. In the Old Town’s narrow lanes, one is constantly surprised by a tiny square, a street lamp, or an image of Christ, but this sensory perception of history is noted above all in the houses’ beautiful courtyards, which have the same fragrance as they did many centuries ago. It is as if they were still the abodes of ancient Romans or Umayyads. The courtyards here are an architecture of shade and balance, with the sound of a fountain and the sensation that time stands still. A visit to the Mosque-Cathedral is doubtless one of the most memorable heritage experiences that anyone can imagine. This is a truly unique place, seeming to stretch out into infinity in any direction you look. With its forest of columns, its horseshoe arches, its faint lights and shadows, and its resonances, the Mosque is a history lesson without books or chronologies. Here, in the silence, by merely remaining open and observing, you can catch a glimpse of the meaning of Sufi mysticism and Muslim piety. Sharing this special atmosphere is a nearby monument that is romantic beyond all measure: Medina Azhara –“The Resplendent City”, which was built as a token of love. Despite the ravages of time, this palace-city still has the delicate dreamy air of Arabic-Andalusian poetry.

Córdoba (Andalucía)
957 20 17 74

37.888417, -4.781054

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