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The Telefónica Foundation Space has premises of 6,000 sq.m. on 4 floors, offering an open, diverse and plural programme. In different settings and with the support of outstanding experts from a range of creative and artistic disciplines, the Space highlights concepts such as culture, knowledge and learning through exhibitions, colloquies, workshops and many other activities, in the heart of Madrid. In addition to a highly varied exhibition programme, guided tours are held which reveal the details of the Telefónica Building and its history. The “History of Telecommunications” exhibition will be running throughout 2016. This show presents the evolution of telecommunications from the telegraph to the next-generation mobile telephone through 50 selected pieces which illustrate a journey in time and the development of remote communication since the 19th century.

Fuencarral 3
91 580 87 00
Tue-Sun, 10am.-8pm.

40.42038726807, -3.7016749382

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