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The Price Circus Theatre is a unique multidisciplinary facility where contemporary circus, in its many different versions, coexists with the most daring proposals in the performing arts, and with music and exhibitions. The secret of its intense activity lies in the astounding versatility of its main auditorium and its other spaces: the Parish Hall, for small-format shows and creation residences, and the Trapecio and Malabar halls, where exhibitions and circus workshops for children and adults are regularly held. Today’s Price Theatre opened in 2007, taking its name from the famous circus theatre founded in Madrid by Thomas Price in 1868, considered the “Capital of Spanish circus” until its demolition in 1970. Concerts, wrestling matches, variety shows and zarzuelas were also held there. As the only permanent facility of its type in Spain, the Price Circus Theatre has played a key role in the rebirth of the “new” or “contemporary circus”. Indeed, it has been the scene of the latest premieres of prestigious circus companies from France, Germany, Canada, Vietnam, Colombia, Australia and Belgium, allowing people to rediscover an art that, for many, was anchored in their childhood memories. Additionally, the Price presents its own productions, with special attention to young creations and aesthetic innovation.

Ronda de Atocha 35
91 318 47 00
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