Teatros del Canal
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Madrid is the city with the largest number of theatres in all Spain and a show business capital of the country. Until recently, however, it lacked a sufficiently modern and technologically advanced facility to host productions ranging from the simplest to the most complex. For this reason, seeking to fill this need and to meet the requirements for a complex of these characteristics, the Region of Madrid promoted the construction of the Teatros del Canal. Designed by the architect Juan Navarro Baldeweg, it opened on 20 February 2009. With over 35,000 m2 of space, it shelters two large theatres (Red Hall and Green Hall), a rehearsal room (Black Hall) and the Canal Dance Centre (CDC). Right from the beginning, the Region of Madrid entrusted the artistic direction of the centre to the stage director Albert Boadella. It seeks to offer the public an “enormous variety of styles and contents, with a single requirement: a high standard of technical and artistic quality in all its productions”. With a programme including diverse genres and styles: theatre, dance, music, opera, zarzuela, flamenco, circus and cabaret, it hosts the festivals that the Region organizes regularly: the Autumn to Spring Festival, Madrid en Danza, Teatralia and others.

Cea Bermúdez 1
91 308 99 50
2.30pm.-9pm. Guided tours, phone 91 308 99 99

40.43857192993, -3.70503568649

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