Birds and planes
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Beside El Prat Airport lies the Llobregat river delta, where birds by the thousands rest on their migration between Europe and Africa.

An unexpected sight may be seen from airplanes on the runway: it’s the Llobregat Delta, a wetland extending for over 90 which is formed by the river flowing into the sea. Situated halfway between Europe and Africa, this ecosystem has lagoons that are essential resting and feeding places for migrating birds. Footpaths cross this area, allowing you to discover fertile fields where food is grown for the city’s markets, pine woods rooted in the sand, and amazingly pristine beaches.

Photos: © David Gelabert

David Gelabert (Barcelona, 1972)
Driven  by his passionate love of photography, nature and cycling, David Gelabert frequents wonderful paths, landscapes and corners to capture all their beauty in some very personal images. He has studied graphic design and is one of the founding partners of “Urban Fun Electric Movement”, Spain’s leading urban Personal Mobility Device (PMD) enterprise. Among other types of units, PMDs comprise transport means like electric and mechanical bicycles and electric scooters.