Casa Bacardí Sitges
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Casa Bacardí Sitges is a permanent visitors centre where people can become acquainted with the brand’s history by direct experience. This space highlights some important aspects of the history of Sitges and the town’s ties with the Bacardí family, while presenting the production process of Bacardí Superior Rum and the way to mix the Original Bacardí cocktails.
Casa Bacardí offers visitors a unique experience of the history and development of Bacardí, a world-famous company founded in Cuba in 1862. Arranged all on one floor, it begins with a space entitled “Heritage”, welcoming visitors and explaining the close connection between the brand and Sitges. This area lends special attention to the “Americanos” – the people from Sitges who emigrated to Cuba and other Latin American countries, and it presents the company’s history from its beginnings to the present. The second area covers the different phases of the process followed to produce Bacardi Superior Rum. The visit comes to an end at the Lounge Bar, a space with an avant-garde design where visitors are greeted by expert cocktail mixers who reveal the secrets of preparing the celebrated Original Bacardí cocktails – which can be tasted afterwards at the Bacardí terrace.
Casa Bacardí Sitges has appropriate equipment for the holding of different types of private events.

Mercat Vell de Sitges. Plaça de l'Ajuntament 11
93 894 81 51
V, S y D, visitas concertadas

41.23537826538, 1.81185901165

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