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Gaudí undertook the construction of La Pedrera when he was at the height of his career: he had already begun the Sagrada Família and Güell Park, and he had just finished the Batlló House. The Milà house is an apartment building with three façades that are integrated in a single body thanks to the waves formed by the curved volumes and the railings of the many balconies. The Barcelonans soon christened the building with the name by which it would be known after 1912, when its construction was completed: “La Pedrera” (The Stone Quarry). This ironic designation reflects the lack of understanding, the mockery and the criticism of the cartoonists and writers of the times. The detail of La Pedrera that most impresses architects is the internal structure that Gaudí solved by a complex network of pillars which replaces the traditional load-bearing walls or bearing walls.

Provença 261-265
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Mon-Fri, 9am.-6pm. Sat, Sun & Holiday, 10am.-2pm.

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