Fancies of Uranus
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It must have been Uranus, the god of the sky, who favoured Madrid with its glorious skyscapes full of colours and shapes that no other city can boast.

A stroll along the streets of Madrid is a delight for the eyes. By night and by day, in spring and in winter, with rain or bright sunshine, the light in the city is quite often amazing. Looking at the sky in Madrid can be more exciting than gazing upon the vault of the Sistine Chapel, with two big differences: the spectacle of the clouds and sunbeams over the city is not static but changing, and it is clearly not a work of human hands but one worthy of a god like Uranus.

Alicante, 1965. The son of journalist parents, he’s been in Madrid all his life. With Image and Sound studies, he’s worked since 1991 in TV production. He began taking photographs at a very early age and now, thanks to Instagram, he shares his pictures with millions of other people. He always asks his 15-year-old daughter Alejandra for her opinion when he has any doubts about a shot, and his brother was the late journalist Pedro David Rodríguez, whom he hopes he’ll find looking down at him from these skies every time he presses the shutter button.

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