Natural Beauty
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One of the privileges of Mallorca is to have the Serra de Tramuntana, a mountain range that shelters the island from winds from the fourth quadrant.

The mountains are a world apart, with heights of up to over 1,000 metres, streams that seem to be out of a Wagner opera, deserted valleys, high peaks with the sea as a background. For centuries, they were a place where survival was hard; today tourism has softened their character. Because of their natural and
cultural qualities, has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Fotografías:  © Tolo Balaguer

Tolo Balaguer
Born in 1965 in Son Sardina, a residential area on the outskirts of Palma. A graduate in advertising photography under the European Social Fund, Tolo now contributes to a number of prestigious travel, history and heritage magazines in both print and digital format. His commissions from the publishing industry sometimes lead him into fi elds with which he is less acquainted and he eagerly undertakes these jobs as a personal challenge to tell interesting stories. He takes pictures throughout the world, expressing his impressions of what he sees and feels. These are images of an external reality, revealing the photographer’s inner universe.