Literary Conversations in Formentor
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From 18th to 20nd September, the Converses Literàries de Formentor celebrated a new edition under the slogan of “Bagaudas, goliards and stylings”.

The Formentor Literary Conversations once again bring together writers, critics, publishers and professors in the mythical hotel, where they will share their literary finds with the most loyal of audiences. This year, "Bagaudas, goliards and stylists. Acrobats of the ancient and modern world" will vertebrate a literary quote that will have as a stellar guest the South African John Maxwell Coetzee, Nobel Prize in Literature 2003.

The Conversations, which are organised by the Formentor Foundation are the heirs of the literary rendezvous promoted by the writer Camilo José Cela in 1959. More than three hundred writers have attended the event to share their way of reading, understanding and conversing. A fruitful dialogue which has been complemented with the awarding of the prestigious Formentor Prize, which went to the French writer Annie Ernaux in 2019.

The Conversations have put Formentor on the European literary map and they aim to place the chance to listen and engage in conversation within reach of readers, bringing people closer to literature in order to discover the huge fl ow of codifi ed human experiences.

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