Teatro Español
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The Teatro Español is one of the city of Madrid’s most important theatres and a leading stage worldwide, presenting some of the best current Spanish and international theatrical productions. Moreover, this is one of the world’s oldest theatres since, in the courtyard theatre that was situated on the same plot where today’s theatre now stands, theatrical performances were already being held in the mid 16th century. Plays that were later to become great classics of Spanish literature premiered here. Its management also runs the Naves del Español, located at Matadero Madrid, where experimental productions are presented. A witness to the history of Madrid, the Teatro Español opens its doors to visitors interested in discovering the secrets of one of the city’s most emblematic buildings, with guided tours from Tuesday to Friday.

Príncipe 25
91 360 14 80
Sale for the day: Tue-Sat, 11.30am.-1.30pm./5pm.-start function. Advanced sale: Tue-Sat, 11.30am.-1.30pm./5pm.-7pm. Sun, 11.30am.-1.30pm./5pm.-6pm.

40.41497421265, -3.70022153854

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